Old Deuteronomy, etc.

I want to thank a few people for inspiring my title.

  1. A Big Thank You to eHow.com for providing the answers to most of life’s questions. Second only to myself, eHow.com is the number one depot for sound advice. Including lifesavers like, How to Tweeze Eyebrows for Face ShapeHow to Be an Adult and How to Decorate a Southwest Kitchen.
  2. T.S. Eliot’s Old Deuteronomy and other poems from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.
  3. Bamboo Tilly, Tilly, my family’s cat, a force in my life for seventeen years and counting.

Tilly and I take a nap.



2 responses to “Old Deuteronomy, etc.

  1. Hey Rosie,
    I just clicked on your blog/link. What great fun to check in with you! Kitty’s are playing a big role in your life. See you soon, I hope. Eddie

  2. Thanks Eddie! Glad you’re enjoying it. Rosie (The Cat!)


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