One Cold and Keyless Cat

Staring at a computer screen from 9 to 5 ravages my soul. When I slip into the cold each night after work, my brain is on the verge of implosion and my organs are howling. Usually, I do something about it, like dancing in my skivvies to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, or going on a freezing night jog.

Last Thursday, was a freezing-night-jog-night. When I got home, I decided to put on my running sneakers and tread the frozen sidewalks and icy rounds of the McCarren park track.

I was so thrilled with myself, and my new i-pod, that I forgot, for the first time since I moved into my apartment, to take my KEYS. I bounded down four flights of stairs, leaped out the front door, and froze. I was LOCKED OUT.

After a moment of heart-stopping panic, I realized there was nothing to do, but go on a very, very long run, swing by my friend’s place, and take cover until my roommate got home at midnight.

Disaster temporarily averted, I set off down the darkened, snowy sidewalks. My legs were elastic and limber, firing like brand new, well-oiled pistons. Filled with energy and reconciled to the idea that there was no going back to my apartment anyway, I proceeded to jog several miles. The cold nibbling at my face, my lungs hot and active – I was happy for the first time that day.

McCarren Park Track!

Finally winded, I decided to walk the last leg to my friends’ home. But as I cooled down, the cold crept under my clothing. I was wearing thin jogging gear, none of which was particularly insulated, and my sweat started to freeze in all sorts of uncomfortable places. Horrors!

So I ran-walked as best I could the rest of the way, and leaned into their buzzer, panting. Luckily for me, one of my friends was there, and was thoughtful enough to let me in, and serve me water. We spent the next two hours watching Woody Allen’s Manhattan. A glorious conclusion to the evening.

I had so much fun, I failed to learn my lesson:

I locked myself out again four days later.


According to my feline instincts, loosing ones keys is a manifestation of a subconscious inability to open / understand / gain access to something. What could it be???


1. If you go running in freezing weather, wear extremely warm underpants.


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