3x is Da CHARM ~

I’m Still Alive,
Fair Readers All
A Feat To Be Sure,
However Small.
They Say Cats Have
Nine Lives to Live
If this is My Third,
I’ve Time to Give
To Penning Sweet Prose!
& Verses So Rare
You’ll LOL ThiS TiMe
In your Desk Chair
But really, I know
My impact is small
— One Cat’s Caterwaul
In the Ever Rhizomic Sprawl
Oh Internet. Woe is me.
Why do I persist?
In my Courtship of Thee?
I wander your Hallways
Chew Through your Gum
Paw Through Your Pages
Wall-eyed & Numb
I Burrow in Trash Heaps & Frolick in Rot
Mine Troves of Text
That Inform
And Distract.
All of these Pages
& Pages Pinned Up
Pages for Wages
And Then some for Naught
But For Audience, Yes!
Well, Presumably So
Or A Deeper Understanding
Of What it Means to Know
The Self. The Self.
And to Have Others Know You
Through the Two Way Mirror
Of the Thrilling Unknown
So Alright, Ok.
Let’s Cut To the Chase
This Cat is Back
In Cyberspace.

~ Yours Ad infinitum ~

Rosie (The Cat)3x is Da Charm


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