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The number of puns containing the word “cat” are pretty endless, which makes writing on this blog A BLAST and not dissimilar to thinking up social security numbers. (624-477-9382!)

The possibilities are infinite.

In post-collegiate life, one loses the luxury of having a “major” or “concentration,” and let me tell you. It’s CONFUSING. You can’t chalk up your identity to some non-comital, vague, yet strangely finite term like, “English.”

Which is why the “cats” theme is such a great guiding influence in my life! The word “Cats” is similar to college majors that end in “studies,” like, American – Women’s – Urban – African – Gender and Medieval and Renaissance Studies.* “Studies” and “cats” both allow for the academic** and intellectual freedom to explore a diversity of topics and media without the restrictions or commitment of a singular discipline.  By threading the “gender” or “urban” or “cat” through an issue, you can legitimize the study of pretty much anything!

Does this give us intellectual and creative
FREEDOM? (Or result in FREE-DOOM….***?)

Please debate at your leisure.

Despite the creative potential the “cats” concept contains, I have neglected my blogging duties for over three weeks! My life has changed dramatically – I’ve had a major dental procedure, learned how to play the harmonica and waged a full-blown war on the cockroaches partying on my stove top.

It’s time.

A return is nigh.

Put on your party hats ’cause: The Cat is Back!

Rosie (the Cat)

*Medieval and Renaissance Studies – code for: “I eat in the university cafeteria alone, I like lime slushies and red velvet capes, wanna come over to my dorm room and play World of Warcraft with me.”

** Cat Studies? Anyone?

***Gil Scott-Heron does an amazing rap using the word “free-doom” (I guess that doesn’t quite qualify as a word – more like a
slang-onomatopoeia) at the end of Kanye West’s “Lost in the World” on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Check it out. If you haven’t already.