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tips, a cat’s nip

This cat’s wallet is a fat wallet.

In truth, my wallet’s bulge is a little grotesque. When I try to snap it shut, it pops right open again. Bills are constantly spilling on the floor of bodegas and grocery stores. I find myself bent over in front of cash registers everywhere, apologizing to customers, trying to pull down my skirt so they don’t know what color underwear I am wearing. Maybe, they think I am a drug dealer! But drug dealers would probably shoot their clients if they paid them thirty dollars in 1s.

Having large amounts of petty cash in your wallet is a recipe for overspending on un-necessary items. Here is a illustrative scenario:

I am prowling through the subway at 2 AM after work. I am beat. I slink past one of those little food stands in the subway, with all the brightly colored candy wrappers, and glossy magazine covers, and I realize that the giant wad of $1 dollar bills in my pocket can buy me most of the contents of the candy stand. ¬†Out comes the wallet, and I start counting out the 1 dollar bills…. one, two, three, four…

But really, is all this impermanent distraction going to make me feel better in the long run? NO.

Spending tips is a temporary fix.
I’m a hopeless addict!
Tips are this post-collegiate cat’s nip.


Rosie (the Cat)

Tats 4 Tips

1. Put your money in the bank.